Session Documentation

Wednesday 14 May 2014

This was the stuff discussed yesterday during session.
1. Fun, enjoyment & memorable moments
2. Every one be focused during practice session. 100% in the moment
3. More physical activities - outdoor/indoor
4. Mutual trust to do impro work
5. Cooperation/communication
1. Public performance
2. Syf acting - distinction
3. Different genres of drama tryouts
4. 3 plays in a year
5. Everyone experience fun inbdrama
6. Big idea overview
7. Increase enrolment
8. Experimental black box theatre
1. How to stay focused when acting
2. Learn makeup techniques
3. How to build confidence
4. Acting skills (impro work)
To add.. to the list.. goals: watch more plays + movies
Think of possible themes for school based performances like cyberbullying

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