Monday, June 30, 2014

Today's Session (Mon 30 June 2014)

Hello Guys, here are the notes from today's session:

1. Too abrupt transitions (no flow)
2. No proper start and ending (goes straight into the story)
3. Concept is good.
4. Crammed as there is no proper built up.
5. Unexpected scenes
6. Confusing
7. No understanding of certain parts of the script.
8. Very negative (quite extreme)
9. Climax of the story isn't there yet.
10. Do not know the characters (Character development)
11. Lines are not there yet.
12. Opportunities for actions with the current lines
13. Too many people dying
14. 1 scene is missing from connecting Anita's suicide. anger, cyber wall.

These are the people that were casted:

Anita - Erica (Understudy:Aneesha)
Devil Anita - Beverly
Angel Anita - Jodie
Beth - Shakthi
Eunice - Alefiya
Ming - Ming Chuan
Benny - Ryan
TJ - Ray

Administrative Matters:
1. Please come early on Wednesday so that we may start and end our warm-ups earlier

2. Please be in your PE Attire / Drama Shirt + PE Shorts.
    Failure to comply with that will result in a 20-cent penalty. Proceeds will     go into our Drama Fund.

3. You are encouraged to contribute to our Drama Fund. About 1 Dollar a month from each of you. But if you are not willing to, it's fine. (Only an option, but encouraged)

Reminder: Those who have not created their Facebook Accounts please do so quickly!

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