Monday, March 10, 2014

More important announcements

This is in relation to our upcoming performance for Celebrations@SST, and the prize presentation ceremony in the MORNING (Sec 2-4 involved).

1. Prize presentation ceremony
-> Leave your class at 10 for recess.
-> Be in the hall by 10.30.
-> There is no need for you to bring your bags along.
-> Shoes must be black. You should know what sort of formal looking shoes males and females put on.
-> For females, the hair rubber band should be black.
-> Neat appearance!
-> The seats have been moved up further. Beverly, take note to follow the person behind you.

2. Upcoming performance
-> All costumes to be put on and make up are to be done by 12.30.
-> Using hair gel, push back your hair since we don't want paint to get onto the hair and the hair itself may stick to the face, making it feel uncomfortable.
-> One sponge per actor.
-> Flowers and trees to have their faces, and necks painted black, except eyes and lips.
-> Flowers and trees also need to put on black socks, both on the feet and hands.
-> Butterflies' faces and necks are to be painted white.
-> Butterflies' would need to bring their own white socks, also to cover the feet and hands.
-> If there are any words on the black socks, cover them with black paper and secure them. Applicable to trees only.
-> If there are any words on the white socks, cover then with white paper and secure them. This is for butterflies.

For the next two days: full dress rehearsal and actual performances, no one is to sit at one corner, making noise and doing nothing productive.

Currently these are the people who are to help the actors in the make up and flower headdress:
White face paint: Aleem, Wei Jie, Harindrar
Black face paint: Ming Yi, Gladys
Headdress: Erica, Alefiya

Even if your name is not listed there and you have nothing to do you can pick up a job:
1. Make sure socks are purely black or purely white for the feet and hands.
2. Put on the headdress for the flowers and secure them.
3. Help up with the make up.

Thank you all for reading. Let us do this. D-2 to performance.

Yours sincerely

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