Monday, March 24, 2014

Homework And Announcements Mon 24 Mar 2014

Hey Guys,

Well, here's the homework you have to do today. Finish watching

IB Instructional Video Episode 04

And its content shall be discussed on this Wednesday's session.

Have a good week ahead!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Session on Friday

Hi All,

If you didn't know, there is a CCA session this Friday, 21 March, from 9 am to 12 pm.

There would be a potluck after the session, so bring some snacks along to share!


Monday, March 10, 2014

More important announcements

This is in relation to our upcoming performance for Celebrations@SST, and the prize presentation ceremony in the MORNING (Sec 2-4 involved).

1. Prize presentation ceremony
-> Leave your class at 10 for recess.
-> Be in the hall by 10.30.
-> There is no need for you to bring your bags along.
-> Shoes must be black. You should know what sort of formal looking shoes males and females put on.
-> For females, the hair rubber band should be black.
-> Neat appearance!
-> The seats have been moved up further. Beverly, take note to follow the person behind you.

2. Upcoming performance
-> All costumes to be put on and make up are to be done by 12.30.
-> Using hair gel, push back your hair since we don't want paint to get onto the hair and the hair itself may stick to the face, making it feel uncomfortable.
-> One sponge per actor.
-> Flowers and trees to have their faces, and necks painted black, except eyes and lips.
-> Flowers and trees also need to put on black socks, both on the feet and hands.
-> Butterflies' faces and necks are to be painted white.
-> Butterflies' would need to bring their own white socks, also to cover the feet and hands.
-> If there are any words on the black socks, cover them with black paper and secure them. Applicable to trees only.
-> If there are any words on the white socks, cover then with white paper and secure them. This is for butterflies.

For the next two days: full dress rehearsal and actual performances, no one is to sit at one corner, making noise and doing nothing productive.

Currently these are the people who are to help the actors in the make up and flower headdress:
White face paint: Aleem, Wei Jie, Harindrar
Black face paint: Ming Yi, Gladys
Headdress: Erica, Alefiya

Even if your name is not listed there and you have nothing to do you can pick up a job:
1. Make sure socks are purely black or purely white for the feet and hands.
2. Put on the headdress for the flowers and secure them.
3. Help up with the make up.

Thank you all for reading. Let us do this. D-2 to performance.

Yours sincerely

Friday, March 7, 2014

Announcement + Other matters

Dear All

You do not need to report to school tomorrow (Sat, 8 March) for the extra costume making session. It has been cancelled, since there are also very little people available.

There were quite a few changes in blocking. I'll update all of you on that issue soon.

Also, there has been a serious issue with the discipline, especially on the attendance issue. Please, email me, Steffany, and the teachers as soon as you can once you know you can not make it.

The emails are:
Mr Mark:
Ms Karen:
Ms Christine:

Stop making excuses because you don't want to go for session. If you really have a legitimate reason, please email the necessary people BEFOREHAND. Additionally, do not abuse the fact that we have a lot of activities to attend to in school, and then automatically assume that you can chose to not go for CCA for issues such as tuition. Tuition is something that can be rescheduled.

In addition to emailing the teachers, Steffany and me, you must:
Remedial and school events: Just in case, please also forward it to the teacher in charge for the event.
Sick: You must produce an MC, and present it to the teacher-in-charge the next session.
Matters such as family matters (Has to be really serious): Inform the teachers, and produce a parent's letter.

Moreover, during CCA, be more dedicated and focussed. Stop wasting time. For example, when we had more time to do the costumes, quite a number of you were distracted. (Is talking that important, even if there is a lot of work to do?) Now, we have to rush the costumes, 5 days before the actual performance, and many of them are not very up to standard since we have such little time to pay attention to details.

It is five days to show time. Let us learn to stay focussed and to achieve the fruits of our labour. Everyone must do their part, not only for this performance, but for the rest of the upcoming performances that are to come.

Yours sincerely,